Pre-Conference Workshop Day


Tuesday, June 7, 2022 | 10.00 AM - 3.00 PM (EST)

Workshop A - An Exploration of the JAK Market and Identification of Indications with an Unmet Need

Tuesday June 7, 2022

10.00AM-12.00 PM EST

The market for JAK inhibitors within dermatology is fast becoming saturated with new approvals and repositioning occurring at an increasing rate. However, there remains numerous conditions of unmet need still awaiting their first-in-class approved therapeutic. Moreover, some conditions are poorly served, and an approved JAK inhibitor could be the answer which so many patients are looking for. With a first-in-class or best-in-class drug comes a lucrative business opportunity with reimbursement potential.

  • Review the unmet indications within dermatology and other disciplines and leave equipped with the knowledge of gaps in the evermore saturated JAK inhibitor market
  • Explore the disease characteristics of unmet conditions to best align a disease with your therapeutic candidate
  • Review the prevalence of such underserved diseases and demand for novel treatment to determine market potential
  • Unveil the disease pathogenesis for between 4 – 5 poorly/un-met autoimmune indications to ultimately acquire a holistic comprehension of the JAK inhibitor market

Workshop Leaders

david rosmarin

David Rosmarin

Associate Professor

TUFTS Medical Center

thumbnail (9)

William Damsky MD


Yale New Haven Hospital 

Workshop B - A Cross-Disciplinary Overview of JAK Inhibitor Drug Development

Tuesday June 7, 2022

1.00PM-3.00 PM EST

Tofacitinib, the first ever JAK inhibitor approved for clinical trials in rheumatology paved the way for JAK inhibitor drug development. Since then, we have had further approvals in rheumatology and more recently, an explosion of development and interest in dermatology. With so many other disciplines now turning their attention to JAK inhibitors for autoimmune conditions, crucial we benchmark our progress with the development that has come before. Baricitinib’s successful phase 3 alopecia results demonstrate the exciting potential repositioning holds across inflammatory disciplines.

  • Hear directly from industry and academic experts within dermatology and oncology drug development as they compare and contrast the demand for JAKis and hurdles to delivering them
  • Explore the rationale and process behind repositioning an approved JAK inhibitor to broaden your JAK portfolio

Workshop Leaders

Gehlhausen - 2018 orig photo

Jeff Gehlhausen

Medical Dermatologist

Yale School of Medicine 

thumbnail (10)

Ruth Ann Vleugels

Vice Chair of Academic Affairs

Brigham & Women’s Hospital Department of Dermatology