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The 3rd JAK Inhibitors Drug Development Summit is an exclusive opportunity to connect in person with the organizations that are currently navigating the ever-changing JAK inhibitor landscape over the next year and beyond. Despite the black box warning, FDA approvals for clinical trials and entry into the market continue to hit the news headlines as the community navigates this new regulatory terrain. 

Innovative biotech companies and large pharma powerhouses cannot do it alone, this is your opportunity to leverage our meeting to your advantage and influence the industry and accelerate progress.

If you’re looking to network with key decision-makers within prominent drug development organizations in the dermatology, autoimmunity, and oncology space, look no further. This en-to-end meeting provides an exclusive physical arena to showcase your solutions, generate new business leads to develop robust partnerships with a carefully curated audience interested in all things JAK inhibition

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"With so many webinar/virtual event providers in the market right now, it can be difficult to find the ones of value - Hanson Wade have stepped above the rest by providing actionable sales connections with our target market."

Vijendra NALAMOTHU PhD, Chairman & CEO, Tergus Pharma

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That’s what one of our previous partners had to say about our virtual platform, just imagine what we can deliver on a physical in-person stage. 

Get in touch today to learn more about how we can support you and your commercial goals.

What To Expect?


Secure a branding or speaking opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership, drive brand exposure and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Exhibition Booth

Secure a physical exhibition booth to showcase your expertise in person and educate the industry on how you can support and streamline their efforts.