About the JAK Inhibitors Drug Development Summit

With numerous clinical candidates demonstrating genuine viability in targeting the JAK/STAT pathway, join the JAK Inhibitors Drug Development Summit – the only  platform dedicated to the clinical translation and optimization of JAK inhibitors.

Participate in cross-disciplinary discussions that are transforming JAK Inhibitor strategies into the best and first-in-class approaches for patients in need. 

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What Did You Miss?

5 Reasons Icons

Take advantage of the versatility of JAK inhibitors to expand their clinical utility of across multiple diseases with Eli Lilly & National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases

Improve JAK inhibitor utility through rational trial design & patient stratification to optimize clinical outcomes with Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Sierra Oncology & University of Texas

Optimize JAK inhibitor outcomes in the golden age of dermatology drug development to accelerate the first-in-class JAK inhibitor to dermatology patients with Dermavant & Yale School of Medicine

Explore emerging modalities of JAK inhibitors for optimal route of delivery to balance exposure/safety with clinical response with Incyte, Nuogen Pharma & Portola Pharmacetucals

Discover the clinical proof of concept being built and accelerate preclinical candidates to the clinic through optimized selectivity with Celon Pharma & Galapagos

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