Welcome to the JAK Inhibitors Drug Development Summit

Take part in the JAK Inhibitors Drug Development Summit to optimize selectivity, efficacy & safety to successfully develop the next generation of superior JAK inhibitors for dermatology, autoimmune diseases & beyond.  

As the only conference dedicated to the unity of industry, clinician and academic exploring JAK inhibitor utilization, you can expect to hear cross-disciplinary discussions covering a vast expanse of challenges. 

There is no better place to learn about the current drug pipeline, research and the mechanism of action than the JAK Inhibitor Drug Development Summit. Benefit from a whole host of experts in interactive panels discussing the value of JAK inhibitors, combinational treatment options and evaluating biomarkers. 

Among the Unmissable Highlights

Defining Specificity
Safety Considerations
Combinational Considerations
Pipeline Promise
Application Advantages

Defining Specificity 

Developing Safety Considerations

Detailing Combinational Considerations 

Describing Pipeline Promise 

Determining Application Advantages 

 Investigate how Paul Smith, Vibeke Strand, Peter Taylor & Dusan Bogunovic consider selectivity to help you priorize clinical endpoints. 

 Understand how you can weigh up the various and translational results when assessing drug risk with Concert Pharmaceuticals Incyte. 

Exploring the roles of concurrent therapeutic treatments such as biologics  during JAKi implementation by hearing from William    Damsky, Gary  Krishnan, Ruben Mesa Barbara  Klenke

Assess the full landscape of JAKi soon to hit the market to optimize future investment opportunities 

Learn from Leo Pharma, Kinaset  Therapeutics Mehdi Rashighi how the route of JAKi delivery can alter aspects on dosing, safety profiles and pricing.